Bricks Loading & Unloading Gripper

  • Reduction of labor for the operation.
  • Very low maintenance throughout the system.
  • Provides a cleaner and more organized environment.
  • Models with dimensions adapted to your needs.
  • Modern equipment with various innovative technologies.

Fully automated operation that guarantees more agility and savings for your ceramics!


Our Gripper Automates the Loading & Unloading of bricks in your ceramics, and can be used in various stages of production. Its main use is in conjunction with the Tunnel Kiln, as the clamp automates the process of loading and unloading the bricks before and after burning. Facilitating the entire process and generating more speed throughout your production, ensuring that you will not have losses or unnecessary interruptions.

This equipment is part of our ceramic automation line! Because of this, it can work together with other machines in this line. Discover our complete Loading and Unloading Automation Line.