Static and Continuous Dryer

  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Uniform and consistent drying of all bricks.
  • Reduction in the need for labor.
  • Low maintenance cost and high durability.
  • Possibility of automating the entire process.
  • Simple and easy to implement system in ceramics.


The Static and Continuous Dryer dries your bricks in an automated and practical way. The drying process begins with the newly extruded bricks being loaded onto the shelves and taken to the dryer, inside they receive a continuous air flow that is generated by several self-traveling fans that move from one side to the other in the structure, the bricks receive this air flow for a few hours, and after that time they are dry and ready to be burned.

This entire system guarantees a superior drying result compared to traditional drying that generally uses natural air, which is longer, less efficient and more inconsistent.