Fornalha Secagem Grãos

Grain Drying

Specific to the grain drying process, we have Metal Burners to generate heat and Dosers for feeding chips/sawdust, through an automated system that replaces the traditional/manual system of burning firewood and brings various benefits in terms of quality, economy and efficiency of drying.

Automated heat generating system

Our Metal Burners use a fully automated system that burns wood chips/sawdust that maintains a constant temperature and without variations in the heat generated for drying, reducing losses during drying and increasing the efficiency of the entire system.

Fornalha Secagem Grãos
Fornalha Secagem Grãos
Fornalha Secagem Grãos

Various benefits for drying

With our Metal Burners and Dosers, the need for labor is eliminated in the direct supply of fuel to the dryer, eliminating losses, increasing the efficiency and quality of production. In addition to providing a cleaner, organized and safer environment for workers!

Increase in production of up to


Reduction in drying time by up to


Reduction in fuel consumption by up to


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