Vacuum Extruder MVIG – 180

  • Production 3 to 4 Ton/h
  • Propeller Diameter 180 mm
  • Power 12,5 HP
  • Weight 510 Kg
  • Interchangeable parts for easy access and exchange.
  • Efficient and economical operating system.
  • High extrusion quality in any application².
  • Possibility of manufacturing bricks and other products measuring up to 10×15 cm.
  • Set of grills and vacuum chamber for better air extraction from the clay.
  • Compact body just 80 cm high, 54 cm wide and 2 m long.


Always seeking to meet the needs of the market, we designed a extruders with a much more compact and economical body than traditional extruders. But the extrusion quality was maintained and with the capacity to produce conventional bricks of up to 10×15 cm.

It was designed for those who want to have high quality in their product and do not need a high production volume. Its operation is the same as the larger extruders, it has pressers hammers, interchangeable internal lining and a vacuum system to remove air from the clay.

It is the smallest conventional brick extruder on the market! Being able to extrude any brick with a maximum size of 15×15 cm.

In addition to being used to manufacture bricks, due to its compact body and easy operation, it is extremely versatile, also can be used in the Craftsmanship Ceramics sector, to prepare the dough that will be molded.








The MVIG – 180 is manufactured using the best and most resistant materials on the market. Its housing is constructed of steel with structural reinforcements, ensuring exceptional durability.

Its parts, in addition to having great resistance and durability, have an interchangeable system, ensuring the possibility of easy and quick exchange. Its nozzle can be adjusted to the dimensions and characteristics of whatever your extruded product is.