Vacuum Extruder MVIG – 450

  • Production: 25 to 40 Ton/h
  • Power: 150 to 200 HP – 4 Poles – 1785 RPM
  • Propeller Diameter: 450 mm
  • Weight: 7,000 Kg


  • Interchangeable parts for easy replacement.
  • Manufactured with the best materials on the market, ensuring robustness and resistance.
  • Set of grids and vacuum chamber for better air extraction from the clay.
  • Excellent extrusion performance, ensuring high quality for your product.


The MAVIG – 450 is a great solution to improve the quality of your production, as it has an efficient and high-quality operating system that adapts to your needs. Allows the extrusion of various ceramic products, such as solid and perforated bricks, tiles, hollow elements, tile sticks, among others.

Its vacuum system removes the air present in the clay, before extrusion, this gives your product more quality. Then, the clay passes through the propellers that compress the clay against the mold, carrying out the extrusion process in the desired shape.

For its manufacture, the best and most resistant materials on the market are used, guaranteeing resistance and durability to the equipment. Its housing is made of steel with structural reinforcements, internally it has linings with interchangeable parts that can be easily exchanged and its mold can be adjusted to different types and sizes of extruded products.