Tijolos queimados

Brick Manufacture

As our main area of activity, we have a complete line of high-quality equipment for manufacturing bricks and other ceramic products, ranging from preparing the material (clay/others) to packaging the bricks on pallets, with automation options for all stages of the process.

Production Line

Material Preparation

Complete line of material preparation (clay and others), ranging from control and dosage of the material to the mixing and homogenization final of the ceramic mass, providing the production of high-quality and resistant bricks.

Extrusion & Cutting

Robust and high-quality Extruders with a variety of models to fit your production needs. Fast and precise Cutters for a high quality finish on the products.

Loading & Unloading Automation

Complete automation of the brick loading and unloading stages, eliminating the need for manual labor and providing greater agility and savings for your production.

Drying Line

Our line of dryers performs the artificial drying of bricks and other ceramic products automatically and faster, compared to natural drying, providing greater agility to production.

Burning Line

We have the most modern and efficient line of furnaces on the market, which provide high burning quality and adjust to different production capacities, since we have options for furnaces with intermittent and continuous burning.